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Our Green Pages Partner


Dear Reader,

Thank you for your interest in living green. A new way of living and doing business has arrived in Michiana; one that creates healthy, safe, and thriving communities. By living and buying green you will be nurturing and celebrating the choices that sustain us all.

With each green step you take, you help solve our planet’s problems. When you buy Fair Trade, you ensure a fair wage for producers around the world. By choosing organic food you reduce the dangerous pesticides used on conventional crops. By making your home more energy-efficient, using public transportation or utilizing low carbon output modes of transportation such as walking, bicycling or driving hybrid automobiles, you curb climate change and create a more secure energy future.

A primary goal of the Michiana Green Pages is to connect people throughout our area. Toward this end, we highlighted four initiatives or opportunities in feature stories scattered throughout the guide. We hope you enjoy reading about them and getting to know your community better. Green living tips and ideas are once again included too.

This year we are glad to be linked to the WVPE Green Page. We hope you will become familiar with what this page has to offer, such as the Latest Green Headlines, Green Events, Sustainable Links and more. So, please dive into this edition knowing that more and more people and businesses around Michiana are joining with you to create a green way of living.

The Green Committee