2008 Sustainable Living Tour

The Fourth Annual Michiana Sustainable Living Tour will take place on Saturday June 28 from 10AM to 4:30PM.  Participants can tour the locations closest to them, or all of the sites. The tour features some of the initiatives of Michiana residents and businesses to create environmentally friendly homes and communities.  Visitors will find renewable energy alternatives, green buildings, habitat restoration, water catchment and local, sustainable food sources. The tour is hosted by Michiana Earth Group and Michiana Green Pages.

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North (12- 4:30 pm)

<See Map Below blue pins>

Dan and Jody Vandenheede’s home, 639 N 13th St Niles, MI, has a solar hot water system, energy-saving features.  This is an example of an older house made more energy efficient.

Bertrand FarmBertrand Farms, 3575 W Bertrand Rd Niles, MI -Bertrand Farms provides an interactive, educational farming experience for area school children, and organic produce for families as a CSA farm. 

Home of Tom Kanczuzewski– 50610 Lilac Rd.  This home is powered by renewable energy from solar and geothermal sources.

Niles French Market, N. Front and Main Sts. Niles - The ambiance of the Niles Market encourages people to visit with friends, make new acquaintances and enjoy the finest that regional small businesses, artisans, greenhouses and farmers have to offer.

Jim Kendall, 13628 SR 23, Granger, IN -  Jim is a beekeeper and vermiculturalist, using earthworms to compost leaves for fertilizer.  For $5 he will set you up with a worm bin.

Central (10-2:30pm)

<See Map Below green pins>

IU South Bend Community Center  – This building is the first Indiana University facility to be LEEDS (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.  The design and construction included elements such as recycled materials, energy efficient heating and cooling, and natural lighting.

Martens Homestead, 1702 S Spring St Mishawaka, IN – This urban homestead, using permaculture principles, includes a water catchment system, a masonry heater, energy efficient appliances, recycled materials and an organic garden. GEM

GEM- Tyler Motors will have an Electric Vehicle at  the Martens’ home.

Reused and Recycled Addition to the home of Maggie Wiseman and Eric Tauck, 503 W Navarre South Bend, IN - Maggie and Eric added a space to their house for Maggie’s mother which is made of reused and recycled materials.

Just Goods, 1211 Mishawaka, IN- Offers sustainably made and fairly traded clothing and accessories for me n, women and children.

First Federal Savings Bank, 620 Edison Rd, Mishawaka, IN- LEEDS silver certification with passive solar design, porous pavement, solar and wind energy and a green roof.  

South (12-4:30pm)

<See Map Below red pins>

Prairie Winds Nature Farm, 21439 Osborne Rd Lakeville, IN - Small-scale, diversified farm restores native wildlife habitat; includes windmill to pump water, heritage livestock. Timber frame home features indoor wood heat, energy efficient stress skin panels, and a wetland wastewater treatment system.

Pine Road Dairy Farm, 1568 Pine Rd Plymouth, IN - The organically certified grass fed dairy sells toStonyfield Farms; the house is sited for passive solar heating, has soybased foam insulation, a metal roof, and geothermal heat. Cob Pod

Moontree Community, 9815 Union Rd Plymouth, IN – This community, a ministry of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ,  focuses on the arts and sustainability. There is a charming thatched cob building and geothermal heating in the mother house.

Siemers Farm – The farm has a shareholder owned and operated Dairy Herd Association with certified organic milk and grassfed cows.  


**Vendors with sustaining and sustainable snacks will be at selected locations.**

Below is a "Google Map" of the Tour area. You can pan and zoom in and out to get a more detailed view of each site's location. You may also click on this link - View Larger Map - to get a larger map that is easier to maneuver.

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